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From an early age, I thought the most important question to ask a potential new friend was, “What is your favorite food?”  If you didn’t know the answer, I was certain we were not a match.

In my elementary years it was steak and salad because it sounded like something a grown-up might like.  As a pre-teen I favored slumber party snacks including anything dipped in chocolate and those wonderful and disgustingly bright pink sour straw candies.

I declared paella a favorite after bringing a bastardized American version into Spanish class at 17.  I decided that an international dish connoted an open mind and betrayed the fact that I was just a girl born in West Virginia, raised in Virginia and attending a high school across from a cow pasture.

In college I threw myself passionately into vegetarianism and committed my dining hall days to the Indian Vegetable Patties on special and the cocoa-laden vegan brownies.  A semester in Italy quickly derailed my best intentions as I snuck bites of bresaola, prosciutto and spicy salami in between classes.

A love affair with bread baking set off the post college years and I was breaths away from culinary school until a few months spent sweating in a professional bakery changed my mind.

This blog is a collection of my favorites, both past and present.  When I’m not at my “day job” I bake what I grew up with, write about what I love and try not to eat the entire pan.  When not in the kitchen, I spend most of my time with my husband, dog and annoying both of them with my unwavering passion for 80’s music.


Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook – Chocolate Hand Pies recipe featured – Coconut Cream Pie declared “Best of the Web” – “The Candy Corn Story” – What I do with my Thanksgiving leftovers, on page 3.


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  1. Lois Hodges permalink
    September 29, 2009 1:21 am

    Hi Martha,

    I am loving your blog! Obviously, your talent for cooking runs in the family. Your Aunt Bee is a fabulous cook, too. I am eager to read more and more from you.

    Lois Hodges

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